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16 April, 2023
When planning a wedding, you may choose between a large traditional wedding or a more intimate and less expensive one.
16 April, 2023

Weddings mark a couple’s milestone, remembered forever. Big or intimate, it celebrates love and commitment. 

16 April, 2023
Le Don’s Garden: Budget-friendly secret garden venue with unique artistic vibe and natural ventilation.
18 April, 2023

Ledons’ Garden and Cafe offers affordable event venues and services, including weddings, debuts, and corporate meetings. Located in Silang, it features a picturesque garden and cozy cafe.

22 April, 2023

Ledon’s Garden and Cafe is  known for delivering satisfactory quality in preparing food for special occasions.  Our clients have experienced “love at first bite” during food tasting. Great food, Great memories.

29 july, 2023

Ledon’s Garden is the pinnacle of elegance, offering one of a kind debut celebrations, where the past is remembered and new beginnings are embraced. A fairytale fantasy that strikes once in a blue moon.

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