Ledon’s Garden and Cafe: Our take on Food Tasting for Your Special Occasions

Food Tasting is one of the most underrated aspects of Wedding Planning. As they say, “good food brings great memories” and is one of the highlights of a wedding. So, what is Food tasting? Food Tasting is a crucial stage in wedding planning wherein couples scout different wedding venues or catering services and try the food that they offer. The food tasting gives the couple an idea of the menu that they want, and specific preferences they have for the food.

Here at Le Don’s Garden, we offer food tasting for our in house catering service. We have built a good relationship with our customers because of our quality food service and unique menu items. We also have vegetarian and vegan options for our health conscious or guests with dietary restrictions. The food service at Le Don’s Garden has two different set-ups: The Plated and Buffet Setup, to cater to your special event needs.

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